• 17 mexican students obtained the PhD degree in France, 2 with two coadvisors (mexican and french).
  • 14 mexican students are currently in a PhD program in France, 3 with two co-advisors (mexican and french).
  • 4 summer lectures

Scientific production

  • 64 international journals papers
  • 2 pending patents
  • 176 international conference papers
  • 12 book chapters
  • 2 books (Springer-Verlag and Hermes)

Research visits

  • 19 long term visits of  senior mexican researchers  to french laboratories
  • 61 visits of french researchers to Mexico
  • 65 visits of mexican researchers to France


  • Award to the best PhD Thesis in Control in 2005 by the club EEA
  • Organization of an IFAC International Symposium on December 2004, Mexico
  • 5 researchers of mexican origin are currently CNRS researchers

Industrial partners

  • Centre Technique du Papier (Grenoble)
  • Consejo Estatal de Agua y Saneamiento del Estado de Jalisco.
  • IMTA-Cuernavaca, CNA (Comisión Nacional del Agua) and  (GIS) "Canal de Gignac" à  Aix en Provence.
  • Contract with DGA (French Army) on convertible VTOLs
  • Contract with the FRAE (Aeronautical and Space Research Foundation) on UAV navigation using optical flow. Partners: Robosoft, CEA and ONERA
  • Mexican Institute of Oil and Pemex